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Hi!  I'm Corrie, owner, artist, and entrepreneur here at Inspired By U.  We have a multi-fasceted business consisting of Cabinet Refinishing and Residential Repaints to serve our local homeowners.  We have an industrial coating line called Inspired By U Coatings to serve the DIY community.  And,  we run classes to educate professional refinishers with Inspired By U-niversity.  We have an incredible team of people who work to serve our customers at the highest level using quality products and tools to get great results.  

Be sure to take a look around our website and if you'd like a quote, just contact us.  I'll have my husband, Chad, get in contact with you to set up a consultation.  He does all our estimating and has been a great asset to the IBU Team.    

If you're not following us on Social Media yet, we post daily on our Facebook business page and we use our Instagram as a portfolio of our work.  We've just ventured into the brave new world of TikTok, so you can follow us there to see some fun videos and tutorials as well.  Thanks for visiting us!   

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Our People

We have a select team of quality people who serve selflessly, work diligently, and care deeply. We treat our customers and the homes we work in as we treat our own homes.

Our Process

After studying professionals in the industry from around the globe, we’ve come up with a proven process to get our customers the best results. From the time we enter your home to the time we complete the project, we have systems in place to be both efficient and effective.

Our Products

We  assist the DIY market with a Premium Italian Coating line!! Stop by our shop and see what we have to offer.

Our Performance

See for yourself! 

Check out some of our work and read testimonials from our customers. 


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