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After studying professionals in the industry from around the globe, we’ve come up with a proven process to get our customers the best results. From the time we enter your home to the time we complete the project, we have systems in place to be both efficient and effective.  We operate on a ten day schedule and our in our clients home three-four days (one day to tear down, one day to prep, one day to spray, and one day to install).


Prior to starting your kitchen, we send our customers and email with the "Preparing for Your Renovation" document above to help our customers get ready for our arrival.  Our tear-down crew will arrive on day 1 to label, remove, and transport the doors and drawers back to the workshop for cleaning and sanding.  

(1-2 hours on average)


The doors and drawers will be prepped, scuff sanded, primed, sanded, and coated in our workshop. If the substrate is open grain,we will apply three coats of primer to prevent bleed and fill the pores in the grain, sanding in between each coat.  If the substrate is closed grain, one coat of primer will be applied and sanded.  With pre-painted doors, we will do an adhesion test to see the condition of the current paint and determine what steps we need to take to get our customers the best results.  

Prep, sanding, and masking

Our on-site crew will arrive and unload the vehicles, protect the floors and countertops, clean the cabinets, sand, and mask to prepare for spraying.  We ask that you do not use the kitchen this evening so nothing can contaminate the surface we will be spraying on the next day.

(8 hours on-site on average)

prime, coat, and install

Our spray crew will arrive to set up the spray tent, prime the cabinets, sand, coat, and install the doors and drawers.  Our products and process are designed to get the most effecient and effective results for our customers.  With the use of an infrared heater, a dehumidifier, fans, and great products, we can accomplish all of this in a days time.  We carefully package up all the doors and drawers in foam pouches and transport to our customers home.  When the kitchen is complete, we do a final walk-through and make sure our customer is completely satisfied with the finished result. (8 hours on-site on average)

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